Information & Reservations

Pacific Ocean Coastline We welcome your business and look forward to helping you plan your trip. To help us provide useful information, please e-mail your request with all of the pertinent details that will help us obtain the information and make the arrangements you want. The following are important:

These factors affect prices and alternatives. We can't provide useful information if we don't have the details.

It is helpful, too, if you indicate whether this is a first time adventure or if you are a veteran train traveler, familiar with the accommodations and facilities on the trains. That way we won't needlessly provide informaton you already possess!

Please review our policies regarding Deposits and Fees.

TOURS. If you are interested in a packaged tour, please include the name of the tour and the dates you wish to go. Also please include travelers' names and other pertinant information as indicated above. If you have not selected a specific tour, let us know what you are interested in (i.e., where you'd like to go, when, the length of tour you'd like, approximate price range, etc.) and we'll be happy to help you select a tour that you will enjoy.

We look forward to hearing from you.   Top

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